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It made me so sad to read scoutsxhonor answer a question about their Stiles characterization and explain why they don’t think of their Stiles as selfish, but rather as practicing self-care.

There are so many romance tropes that, when translated into real life, mean complete and under clusterfuck for relationships, and it’s deeply scary to me that authors who write about relationships with characters who think about their own goals and boundaries and mental health have to justify that.

In that spirit, I’m mulling over the the thought of a Self-Care Fest.  People in relationships practice self-care.  Establishing boundaries.  Saying no to things they don’t want to do.

Or, idk, an Unhealthy Romance Trope fest, where you pick something like “stalking” or “suicidal thoughts” or “epic co-dependence” and undermine by the trope by having characters realize they’re in a bad spot and working to make the relationship better.  Or getting out of it.

It could be a celebration of wonderful relationships.  Or a celebration of the difficulty of building wonderful relationships.  Or I dunno.  Just having thoughts in my brain.

  1. blueeyed0 answered: yes, yes. Because practising self-care is so important, and so very rarely done, both in RL and fic <3
  2. nightrevelations answered: "Self-Care Fest" sounds more positive and less judgmental than "Unhealthy Romance Trope" fest.They could handle the same things, though.
  3. abandoned-train-car said: (Also I appreciate the sensitivity re: pronouns— female is fine, for the record!)
  4. abandoned-train-car answered: I WOULD ACTUALLY LOVE THIS TOO MUCH. IN AN UNHEALTHILY CO-DEPENDENT FASHION, PERHAPS. But seriously. Count me IN.
  5. ladyofthelog answered: I LIKE SELF CARE AS YOU KNOW
  6. keriarentikai answered: It’s interesting that this came up re that story - it was so true-to-life, I got upset. So I agree w you but also like the fic fantasy world.
  7. sarehawk said: I so agree with you. We need this self-care fest! We need people to understand that setting boundaries, being selfish, knowing what’s right for you isn’t and changing that or leaving isn’t a wrong thing! So this should be a thing I 100% agree
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